TRUE secured over 200 hits in 2017


Since being retained by TRUE in 2015, Wahoo has grown exponentially, from an innovative contender and manufacturer of indoor cycling trainers and cycling computers, to a category-defining leader, shaping the face of technology in cycling. It was named to Deloitte the Fast 500 company list in 2017 after growing 235% in three years.


With such a broad schedule of sophisticated product releases in a year, ensuring the media is fully educated on product use and function, and briefed on updates or potential delays is a challenge unique to Wahoo.


Working with multiple Wahoo product managers and teams based in Atlanta, TRUE created highly individualized media strategies to meet the varying needs of each category: indoor cycling trainers, sensors, and GPS cycling computers.

Solution & Result

Between multiple product launches & unique events tailored towards maximizing exposure on each, to sustained, proactive media outreach efforts, TRUE secured over 200 hits for Wahoo in 2017 with placement in endemic and non-endemic lifestyle media outlets – omnipresence unmatched by any competitor.