150 total product and branding media hits


With a mission to make cycling the world’s most popular sport, Rapha is as ambitious as it is well-known as a leader in quality goods, exceptional experiences, and a passionate community. TRUE’s management of Rapha’s North American PR efforts began in March of 2017.


Rapha’s omni-channel approach to e-commerce and community building creates overly broad media opportunities between both products and experiences. Challenges lie in prioritizing the most impactful opportunities for the client, while still ensuring even small opportunities are strategically measured and leveraged.


TRUE created a tiered approach to all Rapha initiatives, starting with a focus on creating media opportunities around local Clubhouse programming and events. TRUE then implemented a proactive, highly personalized outreach system for all new product releases in 2017 to eliminate any potential gaps in coverage and maintain consistent streams of monthly coverage.

Solution & Results

TRUE secured both local and national press for multiple Clubhouse grand openings and subsequent local programming, while creating over 150 total product and branding media hits in 2017, in both endemic and non-endemic media outlets.