A capstone, unifying video.


Oiselle worked with TRUE to create their 2018 brand video — highlighting the overwhelming strength of women athletes over the years. TRUE worked with Oiselle founder Sally Bergesen to create a custom, user-submitted video.


Working from Sally's script, TRUE assembled a team of editors and sound designers to execute the video. We created a treatment to match the script, then crafted a call for submission from Oiselle's engaged audience. Working with archival footage and user-generated footage, TRUE assembled the final video for distribution online and at Oiselle's summer summit.

Solutions & Results

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on multiple social platforms. The YouTube version has over 85,000 views alone. Oiselle also used the video to launch their rebranding, exiting their employees and ambassadors as a capstone, unifying video.

The video can be viewed here: