Highly individualized media strategy.


Since partnering with TRUE in 2018, CAKE has grown exponentially — from an innovative contender and manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles to a category-defining leader, shaping the face of sustainable and environmentally-friendly technology in motor sports. In the ten months since launch, CAKE's first model, the Kalk, has been nominated for ten awards and won eight times.


Introducing a new and groundbreaking brand requires persistence in ensuring the media is fully educated not only on the product but the brand's mission and how the product conveys such a message, including being kept apprised of any production delays and deliveries for demos.


Working in tandem with CAKE's team in Stockholm and Los Angeles, TRUE created a highly individualized media strategy, including collaborating on press messages, media trips and newsist demo opportunities.

Solutions & Results

With unique brand messages, awards news and product updates, including a plan to have key newsists demo and review CAKE's bike, TRUE secured 80 hits for CAKE in 2018 with placement in both endemic and non-endemic lifestyle media outlets.