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(Vancouver, WA - September 1, 2020) Today, two-time NBA champion and former Golden State Warriors player Zaza Pachulia announced a strategic investment in Shoot 360, a Vancouver, WA-based company shaping the future of basketball development using AI, diagnostic analytics and interactive technology. Pachulia will also be involved with the company as a franchisee and member of the Shoot 360 advisory board.

With nine training centers already operating in six states and more locations scheduled to open this year, Shoot 360 is the leader in leveraging technology and personalized coaching to improve basketball players’ skill and confidence. With proprietary Splash Zone technology, Shoot 360 provides instantaneous feedback on every shot and allows for players to make real time corrections to their shot. Shoot 360 has also gamified the training experience, allowing athletes in any one of their facilities to compete in shooting games against athletes in other facilities in real time.

Pachulia is a 16-year NBA veteran who now works as a consultant for the Golden State Warriors, assisting the team on both the business and basketball sides of the organization. Before he retired from playing in 2019, he helped the Warriors win back-to-back NBA championship titles in 2017 and 2018.

“Without a doubt, Shoot 360 is the future of basketball training worldwide,” Pachulia said. “Shoot 360 is leading the way in using technology and science to improve performance on the basketball court. I not only believe in the Shoot 360 training model, I am also 100% aligned with their passion for positively impacting kids. Shoot 360 is one of the most exciting investments I’ve ever made.”

Pachulia will also be bringing the first Shoot 360 to Europe in his home country of The Republic of Georgia, where he already operates the Zaza Pachulia Basketball Academy and BC Dinamo in Tbilisi, Georgia that currently serves over 1500 kids and several professional teams.

“I’m very excited to bring Shoot 360 to our basketball academy and to introduce it into the European markets where we can help develop players throughout Europe. I believe Shoot 360 is not only a great opportunity for my academy and the country of Georgia, it’s a great opportunity for basketball in Europe and for the entire basketball community worldwide,” Pachulia said.

Pachulia’s partnership with Shoot 360 is the latest in a string of recent high-profile investments from NBA veterans, including Jamal Crawford and Thad Young. Other prominent partners include Rodney Stuckey, who operates a Shoot 360 training center in Kirkland, Washington, and Tim Grgurich, an assistant coach with nearly 20 years of experience in the NBA, who will also serve on Shoot 360’s advisory team.

About Shoot 360

Founded by Craig Moody in 2012, Shoot 360 is shaping the future of basketball development through the use of interactive technology that allows athletes to test, train, track and compete like never before. From training centers all over the United States, Shoot 360 provides the most technologically advanced and immersive basketball training and competition experience in the world, one that uses powerful training tools and performance metrics to quantify every player’s improvement in shooting, ball handling and passing. Shoot 360 is the place to maximize potential and to have fun while doing it. Shoot 360 is the future of b