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June 27, 2019, Atlanta, Ga. -- Wahoo is proud to announce that the KICKR indoor riding ecosystem has been named Runner Up in two categories at the 2019 Core77 Design Awards, Health & Wellness and Sports & Recreation. The KICKR ecosystem was one of hundreds of finalists, and one of only a handful of honorees. The annual Core77 awards recognize excellence in all areas of design, celebrating the richness of the design profession, as well as the insight and perseverance of its practitioners. Now in its ninth year, the awards program remains dedicated to excellence and inclusivity, offering both students and professionals the opportunity to promote their best work on a global scale. “The KICKR ecosystem is more than a system for giving people easier, more fun ways to ride indoors, it’s also the result of extensive design and innovation by our team,” said Wahoo Founder Chip Hawkins. “When we set out to create the ecosystem, we started with the mission of creating a family of products that would work together seamlessly and integrate with all cycling platforms, allowing cyclists to enjoy indoor rides without worrying about their equipment. We achieved that goal by taking a holistic approach to the entire product line, and thinking about the end user first. We are incredibly proud of achieving our goal, and it is an honor to share this recognition by the Core77 awards with our entire team.” The Wahoo KICKR indoor cycling ecosystem is comprised of the KICKR smart bike trainer, the KICKR CLIMB grade simulator, the KICKR HEADWIND smart fan, the ELEMNT BOLT GPS cycling computer, and the KICKR DESK. Together, these elements allow cyclists to enjoy a realistic riding experience, indoor. Compared to riding outside, indoor riding is more efficient, safer, and unaffected by bad weather. The entire ecosystem can be controlled from Wahoo’s app, or paired with third-party cycling platforms, including Zwift, which can automatically control the ecosystem to simulate virtual terrain. Wahoo team members who contributed to the KICKR ecosystem include Hawkins, Director of Product Management Jose R. Mendez, Product Managers Megan Powers and Stacy Perlis, Mechanical Engineers Bill Phelps, Michael Herget, and Andrew Hammond, Director of Industrial Design Shane Byler, and Director of User Experience Ben Johnson. For more information on the Wahoo Ecosystem, visit For more information on the Core77 Design Awards, visit

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Located in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo Fitness has created a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and general fitness enthusiasts. Wahoo Fitness’s award-winning line of products includes the KICKR family of smart trainers and accessories, the ELEMNT family of bike computers and the TICKR family of heart rate monitors. Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products and apps at

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