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(Atlanta, GA – January 20, 2020) – Wahoo Fitness, the global leader in GPS cycling computers and smart training products, today announced a new update to the ELEMNT firmware. The update will enable users to link any ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer (the original ELEMNT, ELEMNT BOLT, and ELEMNT ROAM) to Specialized ANGi Sensors and helmets equipped with ANGi Sensors. This latest update to ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers keeps a focus on safety through connectivity, and is part of a broader effort to improve safety by continuously improving live tracking technologies.

ANGi, Specialized’s patented helmet-mounted sensor, measures the forces transmitted to a helmet during a crash -- both an impact with the ground and the harmful rotational forces that can occur during crashes whether or not a helmet actually impacts the ground. ANGi pairs to the Specialized Ride App, which tracks your ride, allowing your emergency contacts to follow your ride in real time, and sends them alerts in the event a crash is detected.

“When I crashed and suffered a concussion while racing Tirreno-Adriatico, there was a race doctor and medical support following closely behind the peloton. But when I’m at home in Vermont or riding gravel in remote locations, help of any kind can be further away. My ANGi helmet provides me reassurances that if something goes wrong, I’m not alone. It brings peace of mind to my wife and I every time I head to ride. With this new ELEMNT integration, my ANGi helmet is even easier to use,” said Ian Boswell, who joined Wahoo as a full time employee this winter and will represent the brand at a variety of gravel events.

To use ANGi with an ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer, riders simply open the Specialized Ride App and pair both their ANGi Sensor and ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer. Once paired, the Ride App will send any crash detection notifications to the ELEMNT where a rider can dismiss accidental alarms. If the alarm is not dismissed, the Ride App will notify the rider's emergency contacts of a crash.

“With multiple platforms offering different functions for users, cycling computers need to work with as many other devices and apps as possible,” said Megan Powers, Cycling Product Manager for Wahoo Fitness. “We want our products to remove barriers to performance and safety, and that’s what these key updates aim to do.”

With this update, two leaders in innovation, Wahoo and Specialized, have come together to offer this most recent update for the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers. Other recent updates to ELEMNT include an integration with ANT+ Radar, and the newly added TrainerRoad Outdoor Workouts, and Relive app pairing.

Release Timeline: This feature will be available for iOS users on January 20th, 2020. Users will need to update their ELEMNT Companion App and Specialized Ride App in order to use this feature. Android users will have access to this feature soon thereafter.

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