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From gentle warm-ups to sweat-drenched sufferfests, returning from injury or recovering midweek, the indoor trainer is an oft-maligned piece of equipment with a lot to say for itself. Even before the turbo got smart, it was responsible for race wins and world records. Now there’s been something of a renaissance.

More accessible than ever, indoor training has found a place in the home (or gym) workout routine of all kinds of cyclists, whether you’re a 35-hour-a-week WorldTour pro or keeping fit for a semi-regular Sunday spin. We created a new collection to make time spent on the turbo more comfortable for all indoor training devotees. And we started from the top with our lightest-ever cap, made with a highly ventilated spacer mesh to keep you cool and collected through your hardest efforts.

Ella Harris turned pro in 2018 thanks to a turbo trainer. Returning to her native New Zealand after a season of racing on the US domestic circuit, Harris entered a competition online in which the grand prize was a pro contract with the CANYON//SRAM pro team. After impressing on the turbo, the twenty-one-year-old was invited to join a team training camp. Harris distinguished herself on the road too, and a pro contract was hers.

“It was always a huge ambition to reach a high level with my cycling but I'm not sure I would have made it into a UCI professional team, especially one as notable as CANYON//SRAM, without the trainer. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity.”

“My coach really likes tough trainer sessions, you get some real quality training while only spending an hour or so on the bike. There's nowhere to hide, that's for sure.”

“I would definitely wear the sleeveless t-shirt for training and racing indoors. It's not as tight as a baselayer, and far nicer than wearing a regular cycling jersey indoors. You can't put a price on ventilation and comfort when the going gets tough on the turbo.”

“As a fan of cycling caps I really liked the mesh cap – it’s good for sweat wicking and keeping hair out of the way. The fit was nice and comfortable, even for me with an awkwardly large head.”

Lawson Craddock, now entering his sixth year as a pro racer, has weathered his share of injuries – last year, the Texan rode 20 stages of the Tour with a broken scapula. For the 27-year-old, the indoor trainer has been a road back to fitness, a way to spend more time with his growing family, and an invaluable training tool when it gets too hot outside to ride.

“Long rides really aren’t possible in the Texas summer. I’ll go out in the morning when it’s cool, then use the trainer in the afternoon to get the intensity I couldn’t manage outside.”

“I love the sleeveless jersey, it’s really breathable. Normally I don’t wear a top on the trainer, but beside keeping you cool and dry, it also stops you from sweating onto the bike and floor.”

“I’ve used the trainer to come back from injury, and to get good quality training in. It’s so efficient – you get on the bike and get to work immediately. You don’t have to worry about stop lights or traffic. You don’t have to look for specific roads to suit your intervals. Indoor training is becoming crucial.”


Our lightest cap ever makes use of a highly ventilated spacer mesh to keep you cool and dry, and absorbent fabrics to stop sweat from spoiling your session. An internal sweat band adds to the protection, collecting moisture and keeping the cap securely in place.


Lightweight, breathable fabric wicks sweat from your body. Looser than a base layer yet close enough to wick moisture in key areas. Sleeveless design with wide neck lets air flow around your body, keeping you cool when things heat up.


Sized to fit all handlebars with loops to hold it place on the hoods, this soft and highly absorbent fabric will stay in reach to wipe away excess sweat.


No bibs means no sweaty fabric next on your skin. Leg pockets keep food and other essentials close to hand. Super comfortable chamois keeps you comfortable through high-intensity sessions.

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