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(AUGUST 12, 2020 - SAN FRANCISCO) International technical apparel brand, Goldwin, today launches a first-of-its-kind performance sock made with Japanese paper fiber. Called simply the Paper Fiber Socks, they represent the beginning of a new direction in sustainable performance apparel materials. The socks are part of Goldwin’s spring/summer 2020 collection, its largest apparel collection in the US to date.

The creation of the socks begins with the shredding of Japanese paper into thin yarns. Then, using a traditional Japanese technique, the yarns are twisted with stretchy nylon. Together, the paper fiber and nylon create a yarn that is five times stronger than the synthetic yarn commonly used in sport socks. The cutting-edge material also offers strong foot support through Goldwin’s unique arch support system, which helps absorb shock. Additionally, the Paper Fiber Socks wick moisture not through harmful hydrophobic chemicals, but through the unique rough texture of the paper fiber. The result is a performance sock that protects your feet and aids long runs in hot weather unlike any sock you’ve worn before.

Goldwin Paper Fiber Arch Support Ankle Socks | MSRP $18 | BUY NOW

Goldwin Paper Fiber Arch Support Pile Socks | MSRP $22 | BUY NOW



“There’s plenty of innovation happening in performance apparel right now. But one resource -- better yet, a renewable resource -- that hasn’t been considered is paper,” Jared Fickel, Goldwin’s San Francisco Store Manager. “Paper fiber and the manufacturing techniques used to convert it into clothing has been a Japanese tradition for hundreds, if not thousands of years. By bringing this material to the world of sports, we are opening a door that’s rarely been opened by Western society.”

Goldwin’s Paper Fiber Socks are available today online at and at Goldwin’s retail stores in the USA and Japan.

About Goldwin Brand

Goldwin is an international technical apparel brand whose purpose is to unify minimalist urban design with technical alpine performance. Its products, ranging from high performance skiwear, lifestyle apparel, activewear and outdoor apparel, follow a distinct design philosophy that emphasizes thoughtfulness and an uncompromising attention to detail. Goldwin has refined its uniquely Japanese approach to design over a history that spans more than 70 years and has taken the brand to international heights, including affiliation with the Swedish and British national ski teams. Goldwin has flagship retail stores in the US, Japan, and more opening soon; its products can also be found online at To learn more, follow Goldwin on Instagram at @goldwin_official.