A well-established global brand with 30+ years of cycling design innovation, Giro Sport Design has been a TRUE client for over 8 years. From snowsports to every discipline of cycling including general interest and commuting, Giro provides design solutions that enhance the ride.

The event resulted in 28 pieces of coverage


Giro had two main product initiatives to launch on a limited budget and in a time-frame where many competitors were jockeying for media attendance and customer/ consumer attention.


TRUE planned, produced and exectued a multi-brand media event with Giro headling. By planning the event in advance of a major tradeshow, TRUE was able to keep travel and expenses to a minimum while beating rival brands to the punch with Giro's key product launching on days when they could claim the broadest swath of attention.

Solutions & Results

TRUE was able to have extended quality time with key media, ensuring that Giro's stories received the most positive and in-depth coverage possible. Combined with additional media outreach, the event resulted in 28 pieces of coverage on outlets with a combined online readership of 46.7 million.